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Frequently Asked Questions

“We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help provide you with quick and easy answers to common inquiries.”

The Physio Pillow is a unique, biomechanically designed, contoured pillow with a unique support cradle system that is not found in any other pillow. This unique design is patent pending and has been in development and testing for years by a few Physiotherapists. The Physio Pillow has predominantly been trialled on patients with neck and/or upper back pain and stiffness with astonishing results, however the pillow is suitable for all and may even help to prevent or reduce degenerative neck issues later on in life.

The Physio Pillow is made in Victoria, Australia from a product called therafoam. This product is an open-cell type foam which allows for breathability and airflow within the pillow itself, reducing the likelihood of sweating and over-heating. The therafoam is instilled with a non-toxic, non-chemical product has anti-bacterial, anti-allergenic and anti-microbial properties. The foam is also dust mite resistant and resistant to allergens.

The sizing can be a little tricky as there are a number of variables required to fit correctly. Generally we have found that if you fit small to medium size clothing and weigh less than 75kg you will most likely find the small size Physio Pillow the best fit. If you fit medium to larger size clothing and weigh over 75kgs you will most likely find the standard size Physio Pillow a suitable fit.

The measurements of the small Physio Pillow are: lower side edge sections 10cm high, mid section 7cm high / higher side edge sections 11cm high, mid section 8cm high, total length 56cm

The measurements of the standard Physio Pillow are:
lower side edge sections 12cm high, mid section 10cm high / higher side edge sections 13cm high, mid section 11cm high, total length 59cm

Once your child has started to fill out across the shoulders and has a size of greater than 7cm from side of neck to point of shoulder, they will be able to use the small Physio Pillow.

As the Physio Pillow is considered to be a personal item, much like underwear, it cannot be returned for hygienic reasons. Government regulations prevent the return of such items. As we are unable to tell whether the pillow has been used or not we are unable to accept returns. If for some reason you find the Physio Pillow not suitable for you, we encourage you to gift it to another person, whether that be a family, friend or charity.

The Physio Pillow has a manufacturing defect warranty. This warranty relates to defects in the pillow definitively related to the manufacturing process of the pillow. If your pillow arrives with an obvious defect with ask that you contact us promptly. Therafoam may begin to lose some of it’s support within 12-24 months and much like a pair of good shoes, the pillow will need replacing after a while.

Therafoam is a product that changes with use and becomes “worn in” after a couple of weeks, much like a new pair of shoes becomes more comfortable after wearing them for a while. The majority of our pillows are made from a therafoam that is considered “soft” however should you find that after a while this pillow feels too soft there is an option of making a pillow from a “firm” therafoam. Most people find the “firm” therafoam too hard however if you are very heavy set you may prefer this type of firmness.

The outer cotton cover should be washed in warm water with mild detergent and line dried. The foam should not be immersed in water however can be lightly dabbed with warm water and mild detergent and laid flat to dry out of direct sunlight. The foam should not be machine washed or tumble dried.

As the Physio Pillow is considered to be a therapeutic goods device and manufactured from therafoam it falls under the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Number No.174455 Device: Pillow.

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